TOKYO: In the year 1958, the successful story of “Marushin Helmets” began with the founding of a small company by Watanabe Shin for the production of motorcycle helmets. This year, in 2018, MARUSHIN® celebrates its 60th anniversary.

Shin’s entrepreneurial vision was marked by a strong sense of quality and ongoing innovation, the typical drivers of rising Japan. By combination of Watanabe’s first name “Shin” – which means “reliable and steadfast” and the Japanese word for circle – “Maru” the name “Marushin” was created. Maru was the protective circle around the head of Mr. Shin and Marushin was a perfectly fitting name for a helmet brand born in Japan. This Maru should also protect the customers of MARUSHIN® and, in combination with the latest technology, provide protection against bad luck.

In the beginning, Marushin helmets were only distributed in Japan, where it is a tradition to not say a lot about special achievements.

Anyway, not at this point, let´s make clear:  MARUSHIN® offers products with an impressive price-performance ratio. Be aware that our innovative helmets were assembled by hand with the highest quality of workmanship possible.

For 60 years now, MARUSHIN® helmets fulfill the highest demands of motorcyclists all over the world.

You are looking for maximum comfort, for highest standards of safety and you always want to drive one of the lightest helmets in its class?

Then MARUSHIN® is also your first choice. Japanese perfection combined with German engineering – this is how Marushin meets the highest quality standards today.

MARUSHIN Premium Line: You expect the use of the most expensive materials? The shell of your helmet has to be lightweight and made of fiberglass. For Marushin it is given, that the assembly of the helmet should be 100% manual work. … see helmets

MARUSHIN Basic Line: you are looking for the perfect price / performance ratio, but you do not want to compromise on comfort and safety, then there is no way around Marushin. see helmets


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Marushin – Spirit of the Samurai

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