Ultra light and comfortable for touring and sport

Linie: MARUSHIN Premium Line

RRP (Germany): 279,00 Euro flat black

RRP (Germany): 299,00 Euro – decor Samurai white/red und flatgrey

RRP (Germany): 319,00 Euro – decor Techno white/grey and black fluo yellow

Part of the Marushin product line for only one year but already a bestseller, which is recommended by sport riders and journalists equally. With the RS3 Marushin purposely renounces gimmicks and unnecessary features and concentrates completely on what matters when it comes to riding a bike. The superlight RS3 is everything a sports rider needs to enjoy his passion.

Highlights: Very light. Compact size of the helmet shell. Easy to use with glasses. Prepared for intercom installation.

Material: Newly developed, aerodynamically optimized fiberglass shell in two sizes made from an extremely light yet very strong mix of materials.

Ventilation: The completely overhauled and wind tunnel optimized ventilation allows even more air to flow into the helmet through multiple in- and outlets. Needless to say that all levers can easily be used with gloves on.

Interior: The Marushin®-Cool inner liner with improved moisture absorption and faster drying for a pleasant wearing comfort effectively reduces bacteria build-up or odour formation. The cheek and center pads can easily be removed and are washable. The newly developed cheek pads ensure perfect fitting even when travelling at high speed. Of course they are designed in a way that your glasses can easily be put on when wearing the helmet.

Visor: Clear, anti-scratch, Pinlock®-prepared.

Weight: 1.290 g (+/- 50 g)

Lock: Double-D – Always perfectly adjusted and very easy to use. The only alternative for sports riders as it is mandatory in international race series.

Homologation: ECE 22/05

Sizes: XS – XXL

Colours: flat black and decor Samurai white/red and flatgrey and Decor Techno white/grey and black fluo yellow

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